Unfortunately, this is a goodbye to SkinnyCookProblems. This blog has been a good friend ever since my first summer internship in 2012. It has taught me a lot about what looks good, what… Continue reading

Guest Post: European Style Raspberry Cheesecake

This post is also posted at No Freshman Fifteen. Ann-Catherin and I did a recipe swap for fun! I felt like you guys deserve more desserts around here. Isn’t it beautiful?! Give her… Continue reading

Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins

#72 : The batter was not runny… #SCP Case in point: They tasted fine, so we’re all good! I’m back! I know that I took a hiatus during the duration of the fast.… Continue reading

daniel fast day 3: spaghetti

Yesterday we had leftovers… no news. 🙂 Today we took leftovers for lunch, as well as more oatmeal and fruit. I ate almonds as a snack at work. Dinner: Whole Wheat Spaghetti with… Continue reading

daniel fast: day 1

Starting today, our church is participating in the Daniel Fast. While not really a fast, it takes out the indulgences and “pleasurable food” in life. We have decided to take on this challenge… Continue reading

Overnight Oats!

We’ve been making this for a few weeks now. I first tried them for breakfast and then Justin needed a better and cheapter alternative to taking Clif bars in his lunch. I found… Continue reading

Ahi Tuna with Peanut Noodles

#70: We broke the sink. #SCP The next place we live, the kitchen is going to be a deal breaker. We have already gotten so much use out of our dishes, knifes, etc.… Continue reading

Chicken Cordon Bleu + Cheesy Wine Sauce

#69: Left the chicken out too long… #SCP Earlier this weekend, I ‘Grammed the meal plan for the week, and today was going to kick off Around the World Week with some dakgalbi.… Continue reading

Butternut Squash Gnocchi

#68: I think my oven is wonky. I tried roasting the squash and freaked out because after 30 minutes, it was practically still cold. Have patience. Just…keep it in there till it’s soft.… Continue reading

Southern Pie Special! Two Pies in One Post!

#67: Forgetting that we didn’t own pie plates. #SCP THIS IS MY ACTUAL LIFE, you guys. I’ve been talking about pies for two weeks and didn’t even realize that we didn’t own anything… Continue reading

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