Lemon Chicken

#54. What the heck am I supposed to eat for lunch at work since I hate sandwiches and lettuce? #SCP

This is my specialty. One time, we started to make a recipe and we did it wrong, so we kind of had to adapt from there. It turned out delicious! This could also be named: Chicken Gravy Plus Lemon Juice. That’s what it is. P.S the corn from Wal Mart was DELICIOUS.

This could have also probably been split up into two meals. Meh, I was hungry. These plates in this house are HUGE. At home, we have a pressure cooker for rice, and all I have to do is press a button. My first attempt to make rice on the stove was a little mushy. At least I covered it in all of that, and it didn’t really matter.

Also goes great with:
Green beans
Served over noodles
Making only the sauce without chicken (for pasta)
Drinking the sauce (but really)

I like this recipe because you always have these ingredients on hand, it’s super easy. It tasted a little different because I didn’t use butter this time, and only oil. Normally there is about a 50/50 balance of the two. I was proud of this time because of two things that happened SUPER IDEALLY and wonderfully…read on.

Chicken breast, cubed
Chicken broth
Lemon juice (fresh is best, but I typically use the little plastic lemon)

1. Cook your sides and carbs. Don’t forget. I don’t know where to put this in the instructions, so it’s just going first. IDEAL #1: Tenderize your chicken. Since you’re pan frying it, it will help it to not be tough.
2. THIS PART IS MAGIC. I usually make a HUGE mess dredging the chicken in flour. My housemate has a baby-sized colander and a giant sized sink…

I AM BRILLIANT, I KNOW. MY MOM WILL BE SO HAPPY.  It was seriously magical.

3. Heat your pan! and lightly cover the bottom of the pan with oil. Brown your chicken on both sides. Don’t pull it up if it is still sticking, it means it’s not ready to flip! Try to just flip once.

4. Mix together a small handful of flour and about a cup of chicken broth. I usually shake it in a jar at home, but i just had to improvise and whisk with a fork. My first attempt was to put my hand over the top and shake….That didn’t end well.

5. Once the chicken is cooked on both sides (and cooked through!), pour in your mixture over the top of the chicken and bring to a boil. It will thicken into a sauce, to which you can add however much lemon juice tastes good to you. Here is also a good time to add salt. When it reaches your desired consistency, EAT IT.