Welcome to SCP!

#1. Even though you weigh less than 90 lbs, you have high cholesterol. #SCP

Hi Friends!

I started a food blog on Tuesday, on tumblr. After discovering the gem of WordPress, here I am, switching my life over!
It’s a good thing I didn’t get too emotionally invested in the other one. It didn’t even have a name yet.

In attempt to feed myself after work this summer, I will most likely be posting when I have original food to bring you. Unfortunately, after this week they may be a little bit more on the lighter side…Apparently my small body is experiencing cholesterol overload. As long as it’s delicious, it doesn’t matter if it has no fat in it. Unfortunately, delicious and non-fat don’t usually go together…talk about PROBLEMS! Hence the name.

Anyways, come with me, and we’ll try!