Night Off!

#12: Every website recommends losing weight to lower your cholesterol. #SCP

#42: When I got in the shower tonight, it smelled like garlic. I have garlic oozing out my pores. #SCP

Double Problems tonight!

#12 is actually a serious problem. I’ve never had to try and lose weight, so I wouldn’t even know where to start. Not to mention, it might be a bad idea, all things considered.

#42 is a true story. I made it #42 because that’s Justin’s favorite number and he ironically hates many garlic things.

I got a call from my sorority mom, Kathleen, and we went to dinner at our favorite place. It’s an old people cafeteria restaurant. I got blackened tilapia (not fried, at least), and double macaroni and cheese. I’ve been in love with this mac and cheese since I was a small child.

This is why my LDL is over 130:


I had a healthy dinner planned. Whoops.

Whoops #2: before hitting Post, I realized I was logged into the wordpress of my sorority. Everyone almost got a food update!