Chicken + Peanut Sauce

#81: Feeling guilty for not eating anything with spinach in it today. #SCP

I am finally rid of that dang bag of spinach.

#55: Feeling guilty for being so excited about dinner that I forgot to take pictures. #SCP


Justin surprised me when I was on the way home from work and told me he was right next to my house. So, naturally I invited him to dinner. It’s a good thing that he eats mostly anything, and really likes peanut butter.  I realized I didn’t really ask him if what was for dinner was going to be okay.

Sides: Leftover rice from Lemon Chicken day… I poked holes in the bag and microwaved it for a couple minutes. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t nearly as mushy and gross as last week. Last of the green beans…thank goodness J was there to help me eat all of them.

Peanut Sauce:
Started out using this recipe:
Used a little more water and soy sauce, and low-sodium soy.  We also added a little cayenne pepper. Justin says he added a lot. Like a tablespoon. But it wasn’t too hot, because of the strong peanut butter taste. It wasn’t the right type of pepper, we understand, but it gave it a nice little kick in the aftertaste.

1. Heat the pan.
2. EVOO the pan.
3. S&P some tenderized (it makes ALL the difference!), diced chicken. Heavy on the P.
4. Brown said chicken until delicious-looking.
Typical chicken picture.

Green Beans:
Took out chicken, put in a tiny sliver of butter in the pan, and cooked them for a couple minutes with S&P. Great in the chicken pan, although J was insisting our chicken was getting cold (which it was) and unfortunately we had to microwave it for about 40 seconds.

EAT with a dollop (or a large dollop) of sauce on top of rice. J mentioned he would like the chicken plain and the sauce on the rice. It all goes to the same place…My plate probably looked like a tornado hit it.

Best news of the night: THERE IS LEFTOVER SAUCE. Lunch tomorrow? Yes. On what? …should have thought this through.