Light Shrimp Scampi + Noodles

#4: Two words: Portion. Control. #SCP

I’m glad I only made half the noodles I thought I was going to make…It would have ended up like this: the other night when I ate noodles.

I went to a wonderful wedding yesterday evening! Didn’t get out of bed today until………late. So this was my dinner/breakfast/lunch.

You have eyes.

Just kidding.
2-3T. Lemon juice
1T. Butter
1.5T.ish EVOO
Italian Seasoning

1. Defrost shrimp and boil water for noodles! I always like angel hair, it doesn’t take long to cook once it’s boiling! Typical shrimp picture:

2. In a heated pan, mix butter, EVOO and lemon juice. Today, I used a garlic press. I normally have an odd thing against garlic presses. They’re weird. But the cutting board was in the wash. and NO MESS and NO STICKY, SMELLY HANDS! I think I like them again. Great. Glad we got that cleared up. Oh. So put the garlic in there and get it nice and bubbly.

3. Add the shrimp, and turn the heat down, just to heat them through. Since they’re already cooked, you don’t want them to get tough.

4. Pour over noodles. EAT. NOM NOM NOM.

While I was eating this, all I could think about was how good it would have been as an easy cream sauce. Sigh.