Brown Sugar Teriyaki Chicken

#43: Thinking you’re eating healthy and apparently you aren’t. #SCP

I’ve got bad news and good news.

This is the bad news:

Bye bye shrimp.

Great, because I have officially finished ONE WHOLE BULB.

Tonight’s dinner was almost a nightmare, but then  still turned out pretty tasty.

A la Pinterest, many of you have seen the brown sugar, olive oil and garlic chicken. Well. I didn’t want to bake it for ages. So I was going to adapt for the stove. Then I saw someone’s recommendation for soy sauce. so I added that. All of these things would have been fine and dandy if I HADN’T BURNT THE GARLIC. The pan was too hot and the garlic was toast. Bitter and unappreciative. I realized that what I ended up with would be a pretty good marinade

Soy Sauce
Possible drop of Rice vinegar/water


I am going to explain how you SHOULD make it, instead of how I DID make it, because I pulled out the chicken, scrapped the sauce, and did it over.

1. Heat pan. S&P chicken, mince garlic to go with chicken.

2. Put chicken and garlic in pan with a bit of EVOO. Cook the chicken. and don’t burn the garlic. Ugh. Still not over this serious fail.

3.  Hopefully there is a little liquid still in the pan, if not, add a bit of vinegar, water or oil. Add 2T. of soy sauce and 2T. of brown sugar. It will bubble, and form a glaze.
here is a picture from go-round number 2 on the sauce:

EAT. 🙂 Not too bad, for a near-destroyed dinner!