Pesto Salmon

#22: I can’t see far enough to be able to watch Wheel of Fortune while I’m on the treadmill. #SCP

Hi friends, I’m back from the dead! (read: I’ve been lazy and also eating out a lot.) I went to another wedding last weekend, so that took up a meal time. My weekend food consisted of: McAlisters, McDonalds, grilled polish sausage and veggies per Justin’s dad, and chicken strips from the grocery store. I never wanted to cook again. Feed me like this every day, please. I could honestly eat chicken nuggets forever. I know they’re disgusting, but they taste SO GOOD.

Tonight I feel pretty good, like I’ve gotten my mojo back! This recipe is super easy and tasty.

Salmon filet
1 garlic clove
Premade pesto
1T. Lemon juice

1. Mix all ingredients except fish in a bag. This is my handy-dandy no mess contraption:

2. Put fish inside and mush the marinade around it. Throw it in the fridge to sit. During this time, I made rice and corn. and also Skyped Justin. It will look like this after it comes out:

3. Wrap in foil, and bake at 350 for 22ish minutes.

4. When it comes out, put a small pat of butter on top. It makes it so good. Worth it.