very hungry caterpillar hillary

#15. Everything I drove by on the way home from work sounded delicious. Even Burger King. #SCP

I am always hungry. But really.

Today was a low-key night, just made a couple burritos with a can of black beans and cheese.

First of all, this is why tortillas and I can’t be friends:

After my two burritos (pictured is the second), I made ramen. This is honestly what my life would be everyday if I actually had to feed myself at college. Especially grateful for Victor today. Not that it wasn’t good, it was delicious. But I would be Broke Phi Broke, if you catch my drift (and Kanye reference).

I ate my leftover quiches for lunch today (there were 7!). I took them outside and sat on a bench on Main St. because it is approximately zero degrees in my office every day and I forgot a sweater today. They were definitely better the second day. You know how when you microwave bready things and they sometimes get soggy? I was hoping that would happen. But in a good way. It significantly helped. and the egg had time to get oniony. Mmm.

If I could be given noodles, butter, onions and cheese to live on, I could be food happy for the rest of my life. I tweeted that today and someone wanted to know what I was eating that included butter onions and cheese.

Considered trying out my fancy chocolate oatmeal/flax. Not sure if I’m actually hungry or if everything just still sounds good.