Pie Crust + Mini Pies!

#45: Having extra of an ingredient, so making something else for it, and then running out of the original ingredient and somehow NEVER HAVING ENOUGH. #SCP

I am going out of town this weekend, and I had no plans for food tonight.  So I thought it would be a good idea to just make whatever I had around. I had leftover quiche filling, and knew I wanted to retry the crust. And thus, baby pies were born. To explain the SCP: I had extra crust and 2 strawberries. I cut up the strawberries and thought, hmm, what a cute pie I could make for dessert! And then it didn’t look like I had enough to go inside the filling, so I cut up an extra apple. Then I had a lot of apple, so I thought I should make some more crust to go with the apples. But I used more crusts than expected with the quiches so I needed more and more and more crusts! The second batch was arguably not as good as the first. But it improved significantly from earlier this week’s cracker. The process of the crust can be found here, but use some butter!


This time, I DID use butter, my friends. There is no way around it. However, I did use about a tablespoon butter and the rest was oil. A whisk did a good job as a pastry kneader thing. These were a lot better/bigger crumbles than last time.

These peel away from the parchment liners beautifully!

“This is not enough for two pies!” *Fills 3 crust with quiche instead of 2*

“Now I will just make a lot of dessert pies!” *End up with three, one of which I ate for dessert.*

Quiche out of the wrapper! Recipe click here!

Baby lattice!

Brown sugar on fruit!



Tip: MAKE A LOT OF CRUST. I kept having to whip up little batches…