Chicken Pot Pie

#82: Buying kitchen things, and then finding them already in the kitchen. #SCP

I got these baby pie pans:

and found these:

Holy geez, did I just make my first casserole? Basically. Best thing I’ve come up with completely on my own so far.

Carrot (wasn’t cooked quite long enough, maybe steam beforehand next time)
1/2 of baby can canned Corn
1/2 of baby can canned Green Beans
Can of chunk chicken
1/2 can Cream of Chicken Soup
Splash of milk
Splash of chicken broth
Puff pastry

Mix all the things together except the pastry (obviously). I got a little excited and forgot, so here’s a picture of it all mixed together:

Colorful, but with no peas!

Divide into tins, and add puff pastry on top. I brushed them with egg whites, also.

Bake at 400 until the puff pastry is done. I pulled mine early but they sure were hot on the inside!

The best thing about this was that it was all the vegetables that I can stand to eat. (read: I hate peas.) Chicken pot pie sans peas should start being a regular thing. It’s magical.