Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate Oatmeal Muffins.

#3: Neglecting chocolate for way too long. #SCP

So, as you may have read, I was kind of iffy about this here chocolate oatmeal. I also don’t like it when Mama Boo puts oatmeal in perfectly normal chocolate chip cookies. Because she used to do it ALL THE TIME. (Sorry, mom). But I thought, MAYBE I could try chocolate oatmeal cookies again. In the middle of my google search of “Chocolate chip oatmeal…”, muffins came up as an option, and that sounded potentially delicious. What could be better than chocolate oatmeal and chocolate chips?

They were surprisingly not as sweet as I would have expected, especially after tasting the first round of “dough” before I added the oats. It was: butter, flour, brown sugar, and egg. The most heavenly dough ever. At least, I HOPE they have that in heaven. I’m glad I added the chips, because when you get a bite without them, they’re kind of sad. I guess that’s the plight of muffins though, they’re just the ugly cousin of cupcakes.

Anyway, these are kind of healthy, right? They don’t have a whole lot of sugar. They do have butter, but it’s a half a stick for 12 muffins. Sometimes you must have it. Also, you shouldn’t test the oven goddess with baking substitutes.

I used this recipe. And I’m lazy, so please find it there. 🙂 I originally was going to half it (since it made a dozen muffins!) But then I realized that I can’t very well half an egg. Stay tuned to see the various surprises I had along the way!

Ingredient substitutions from original recipe:
Lavish Instant Chocolate Oatmeal instead of “Rolled Oats”
Combo of almond milk and regular milk
I didn’t have turbinado sugar, so I just sprinkled brown sugar on the top. It made a nice crunchy top!
FOUND THE MOST WONDERFUL THING: In the freezer, there was a bag of bags of chocolate chips (…think about that). When I opened it, there were 3 DIFFERENT KINDS OF CHOCOLATE CHIPS.

1. I was just happy to see chocolate in the first place.
2. THREE KINDS. I used two: Milk Chocolate and Semisweet/White SWIRL. THIS HOUSE HAS SWIRL CHOCOLATE CHIPS. I knew I loved you people for a reason. I mean, that’s not the only reason. But, this is evidence why we are meant to be great friends.

This wonderful discovery, my friends, is why the title of these muffins is grammatically correct. There were two kinds of chocolate, plus “chocolateoatmeal,” as a unit. 🙂

Everything else was the same…Best not to tempt the Oven Goddess.

This is what Lavish looks like dry:

“Try to beat until smooth, but you may still have small pieces of butter.” Mine were ENORMOUS chunks. Hand whisking problems!


Batter in cups!

Finished product!

These are kind of desserts, right? That’s the category I’m putting them in.