Honey Garlic Pork Tenderloin

#27: Making extra, and then having a TON of leftovers. This is the opposite of #45.

I am honestly the worst guesstimator ever. In a lot of ways. My biggest weakness is “number of people at an event.”

Side note: I took the other pot pie to work for lunch today and reheated it in their oven. The carrots have had time to get softer and it was still marvelous!


For the pork, I used basically the same marinade for the pork tonight as the salmon.

It was good! I was trying to recreate a Honey Garlic Pork Tenderloin we used to make at one of those dinner prep places. It was my favorite thing on the menu. Instead, it turned out just like the salmon glaze, but it still was pretty good.

This time, I included ginger and a little onion powder as well, and went heavier on the honey.

Make sure the sauce doesn’t get too charred, because then you won’t like the taste of it.

I baked this at 350, until the internal temperature was 155. It was juicy and really good!

Sorry I didn’t take enough pictures of this. I was busy making DESSERT (kind of)!