Strawberry Glazed Pork Tenderloin

#20: Being 20 years old, the only thing I can buy at the store that has alcohol in it is strawberry jam. #SCP

But really. Found a recipe for microwave risotto (yes please) on Pinterest, but it requires wine. Lo, I am not able to purchase wine. However, while perusing a store with lots of exotic cheese (fav) and also a handful of local Oklahoma sellers, I found THIS:

Why, yes, that does say:  “Strawberries and Sangria.”

For holidays, our next door neighbor at home brings over this killer cranberry jalapeno salsa that is garnished with green onions. Ever since then, I’ve been fascinated with the green onion/fruit phenom. Plus, I love green onions. So, tonight is an experiment (Oh wait, almost all of these are experiments.).

This turned out extremely better than planned, by the way. I’m extremely satisfied with my cooking skills today.

Raspberry Infused Balsamic vinegar (weird item #2335)
My fruit & wine jam
slice of pork tenderloin
1 green onion stalk

1. S&P the pork on both sides.

2. Heat pan, add sliver of butter and a bit of EVOO

3. Add pork and let sizzle (on medium) on one side until it no longer sticks to the pan. I added a cover because the oil was splashing.

4. Cook the other side…. 🙂

5.  Once it reaches about 155 degrees, it is cooked through!

6. I drained off a little of the hot oil. Return to the stove on low low low.  Then, add two scoops of jam and about a half teaspoon of balsamic.

7. After that simmers for a little while, add a chopped green onion (just the green parts! the white part is a little strong, since it doesn’t have time to cook)

8. Serve with your favorite side! Rice, potatoes, green beans, asparagus, would probably all be tasty!