Chicken Pockets, Double Time!

#60: Being lazy, lazy, lazy lazy. #SCP

I’m the worst blogger ever, I know.

J came over and we made our friend’s famous Chicken Pockets, along with this that I found on Pinterest.

We used canned chunk chicken (lazy #1). They still turned out great. Didn’t measure anything (lazy #2), still turned out great. We made these for dinner YESTERDAY and they’re just getting blogged about now (lazy #3). I’m not going to leave the recipe for the one I just gave you a link to (lazy #4). And the recipe for this one is going to be minimal (lazy #5).

Sorry in advance!

Plus, J bombed all my photos with a thumbs up (he’s so precious).

Chicken Pockets
Shredded cheese
cream of chicken
crescent rolls

this is literally it.

Flatten out the rolls to be thinner, place a dollop of the mixture in the middle and seal up!

The cream cheese ones we differentiated by folding them up like dumplings.

Picture time!

And the other ones:

I hope you enjoyed my lazy post. They don’t taste as bad as this post is. I’m sorry I didn’t do them justice.