Cake Balls: The Ultimate Baking Time Suck

#63: Forgetting how long it takes to roll cake in to balls when you’re alone. #SCP

#64: Wasting candy melts. In multiple ways. Within the same hour. #SCP


So you’ve decided to spend the next 4 hours of your life with cake all over your hands! Props to you.

I chose to do them because I gain satisfaction by the presentation of them, and hearing how great they are. Everyone loves them. This is why i do what I do.

Today is 7/17. I made a batch of cake balls Sunday night (7/15), and a cake is currently baking for the batch I will be making for Friday night (7/20). There will be a mixture of pictures from both days, mostly because I forgot to take some on Sunday.

Tip 1: I would advise doing this in waves. For example: Tonight I am baking the cake. Tomorrow I will ball them up and freeze them. Friday I will dip them and serve them.

Tip 2: Grab a buddy. Balling these is a huge task for one person, when you’re trying to be precise.

Tip 3: Come up with a dipping strategy that will work for you.

Tip 4: If you freeze them for long periods of time, set them out on the counter for awhile before dipping. They will expand as they melt, and poop out the bottom or any gaps in your chocolate.

Tip 5: Water + candy melts = clumpy, useless, hopeless mess! Make sure your containers are completely dry.

Flavors pictured:

Red Velvet Cake, Cream Cheese Icing, White Chocolate with milk chocolate accent
Funfetti Cake, Vanilla Icing, Colored white chocolate with white chocolate accent

I would not recommend red cake with light chocolate on top. It gets cake in the chocolate, and it’s obvious.

Second batch update: I had a heck of a time today doing the dipping, with some serious problems. See tip 5. This also applies to water based food coloring. Don’t use it.

1/2 Can of icing
candy melts/almond/chocolate bark

1. Bake a cake. Store bought is easiest.

2. Cut into squares. If edges are crunchy, eat or discard.

3. Crumble cake into a bowl. Stir it around to really break up the pieces.

4. Add half a can of icing and mix around until the cake is somewhat pasty.

5. Make balls. Your hands will get gross. Balls will be better when you rinse of your hands often.

6. Pop them in the freezer for at least an hour. These are out of the freezer.

7. Melt chocolate in container, and add a bit of vegetable oil to make it more fluid. Stay tuned for my next post on my chocolate nightmare today.

How it is supposed to look:

8. The following is my method for coating the balls:

Place fork in chocolate.
Set ball on top of fork.
Spoon chocolate over the top of the ball.
Pick up fork, tapping base (where the tines connect) on the edge of the container to take off excess  chocolate
Push with spoon onto wax or parchment paper

9. Melt a handful of chocolate in a Ziploc with a bit of oil, cut off the corner of the bag, and decorate.

like I said, I went nuts with the chocolate on round one at 930pm.

10. Lastly, put in mini baking cups and admire your little handiworks!