Chicken Curry

#62: Underestimating the size of tupperware containers, every time. #SCP

The lady that took care of my brothers when they were little made this. And it was delicious. And now I’m afraid our house will smell like it for days.

1 Chicken  breast (or other meat)
Golden Curry Mix (1/2 of the brick)
1/2 onion
1/2 potato, cubed
Any other desired vegetables…I just included carrots.
1.25ish cups of water (to desired thickness)

Served with: Hinode Brown Rice Steamer package (find in rice aisle!)

1. I boiled my carrots and potatoes to soften them a little, for maybe 10 minutes, before adding them to the pot.

2. Cut up all your fixins! I love one-bowl meals because I can add the things I like and leave out the things I don’t!

3. Heat a soup pan or tall sided skillet with EVOO, cook chicken and onion until onions are clear. I love onions, so I kept adding more and more, also including one green onion (I gotta get rid of them somehow!)

4. Add in your pre-started veggies, and water. Cover and simmer until chicken gets soft.

5. Break in the pieces of the curry mix, and mix around until melted. Add water until it reaches desired thickness!

Verdict: Just like Halmoni used to make! I pat myself on the back for this one. The rice wasn’t bad either. It still wasn’t sticky. Sigh. Someday, Asian rice will come to me.