A Ball (of) Cake Drama Extreme Frustration

ABCDEF, get it?

No SCP because this whole post is a great big problem.

This was my life Friday, complete with pictures.

Back story: The person (my sorority big) I was making the cake balls on Friday for was having a Tangled themed (21st) birthday. So I thought I’d be the best little ever and make the cake to match. WELLLLLLL.

Earlier this week when I bought all the chocolate at Michaels, I didn’t think of that as deeply. Because I forgot how many that a cake would make (around 50). I bought one pack of Vibrant Green, and 4 packs of white, and a chocolate. One of the packs of white was for the Red Velvet ones on Monday. When I got the great idea to make green and purple ones with yellow accents, I decided to take my two unopened bags back and exchange them for different colors.

Then it decided to be 109 degrees on Friday. And they melt almost as good in the car as they do in the microwave. So instead of looking like this:

They looked like this.

Which to that I said, that’s fine, I can MAKE purple and yellow with food coloring.

1st of all: The purple color was more or less awful. It looked okay once it dried.

2nd of all, it was clumpy. Horribly clumpy. And I didn’t know why. Only one ball was made from this chocolate. It was ugly. I brought it to the movies so nobody would see how ugly it was before they ate it.

Guess why it was clumpy?

Candy Melts are oil-based. So mixing it with water-based things makes it seize up.

Great. I was angry at this point, had thrown out the purple and just decided to make all of them green with white accent and it would be fine.
I rinsed out the bowl, threw in the other half (!) of the green into the microwave. It came out and it was pasty and looked like ice cream. WHAT WAS I DOING WRONG?! Then I looked it up online and found out about the seizing up in water. Since my bowl wasn’t all the way dry, it totally killed the half bag of candy.

My roommate thought it was guacamole.

SIGH. I was so frustrated at this point. I covered the other half of the cake with white, and it still needed an accent on top. Knowing that it would seize, I melted white in a bag until it was really liquidy, dropped in a couple drops of yellow colorign and squished it around really fast and then squirted it out. It worked a little bit! Some were lighter than others, it was a nice ombre sort of look.

What a mess.

However, I presented a mix of white and green in a frying pan (Tangled-esque) and it made them all look very pretty!