FFFF: Italian in France

Italian Restaurant near Rue de Crimee, Paris

This man spoke to us in Spanish here. So that was amusing. Also, Thomas asked if he could have French fries with his steak instead of spaghetti, and all he said was, “This is an Italian restaurant! Spaghetti.”

T: Steak and Spaghetti
2 spoons

IMG_0890C: Chicken and Spaghetti
3 spoons

IMG_0891R: Sampler with spaghetti, lasagna and pasta with white sauce
4 spoons

IMG_0892H: Spaghetti
4 spoons
“orange” <– how spaghetti sauce really looks

T: Chocolate Mousse
4 spoons

C: Tarte aux pommes (Apple tart)
3 spoons
“mushy” but not in a bad way