Chicken Breast Bulgogi

#44: Thinking you’re making something original, but it tastes oddly like everything Asian you’ve tried to make. #SCP


So i made this marinade that we usually use for beef on chicken, because I was craving it and thought it would be an adequate substitute. It wasn’t bad, but tasted a lot like this and this and this.

I give up, people.

It tastes good, obviously, though. So. There’s that. I think using a dark meat like chicken thighs would help, also a thicker sauce, like a teriyaki or something, could make a good stirfry! There wasn’t enough fat in the chicken to where it breaks it down like it down with the red meat. There was really no comparison to regular bulgogi, but didn’t make a bad chicken teriyaki, I guess.


The cool thing though, is that my green onions were rescued from the melting fridge and have been growing like crazy, so I got to use them!