Grown-Up Peach Tea

#26: Wanting to give up school and be a bartender. #SCP

I made something pretty tasty tonight, y’all!

Well. First of all, when I was in Denver, their drink special was a Moscow Mule that had an additional twist: peach schnapps. This bar named it the Colorado Mule.

I looooved this. It was light and refreshing. Now the only thing was: Where to find ginger beer in this great state? Ginger beer is non-alcoholic, more like a hyped-up version of ginger ale (really gingery…). I read that you could buy it at Whole Foods, but that’s so far awaaaaaay (not really). I had purchased the other necessities (read: vodka, schnapps and limes) last week when I had some sisters over and had to go to the store and buy wine anyway (OOH we made this Pinterest creation and it was really good! But i don’t have a picture. 😦 I used Barefoot brand instead, too. Better!).

Yesterday I had J swing by on his way over to Whole Foods. He bought loads of different kinds of ginger beer to try, because he didn’t know what it was for. Watch for the reviews on the Colorado Mule to come!

ANYWAYS. The other night we all went to dinner at Logan’s Roadhouse. After being asked if we needed any kids menus (presumably for me….merp), I ordered alcohol, somewhat on principle that I could, so I should.

I had a Georgia Sun Tea, pictured here on Yelp, made with Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea Vodka and apparently Minute Maid peach smoothie syrup? and lemon? and topped off with club soda? I’m sorry, but apparently that peach smoothie syrup isn’t exactly the easiest thing to come by. Quick Googling told me that the other day (sad). This is delicious, and I don’t want to pay so much for it, ya know?

Today, I was in Walgreens and had a brilliant idea…


1 part vodka
nearly 1 part peachtree schnapps
Arizona Iced Tea Arnold Palmer Tea Lemonade

1. Fill cup with ice
2. Add one part vodka, and nearly 1 part schnapps (okay, I couldn’t find a shot glass, so I was using a little metal bowl thing that I think is used for coffee grounds? So. I almost filled it up. I don’t know, measurements are hard! But I was being careful because I wasn’t exactly trying to get all boozy after work today.)
3. Finish to the top with tea, and stir!
4. Splash with Sprite or club soda (I just had run out! 😦 )

Let me tell you….Delicious. It included all the elements — vodka, peach, lemon, tea — without having to go out of the way and buy specialty vodka (ugh) AND I had all these things (minus the tea) already on hand. Perfect summer drink! It’s not even too sweet, even Courtney might like it. 🙂



Happy Independence Day! 🙂