Strawberry Shortcake’s Spaghetti Sauce

#24: Yeah, I suck at posting things. #SCP

Happy summer, everyone, here come the next 1903323 posts of everything I’ve been eating this summer. Maybe I’ll catch up tonight, hopefully!

So I started a mini herb garden in my kitchen:
IMG00299-20130608-1749Now I even have green onions and chives! But when this started out, it was just basil and oregano.

I was craving some of this pasta sauce, because I remember it being delicious, so I got my sister to send me the recipe. Here’s the original!


I worked with what I had, plus I wasn’t trying to make a gallon of this stuff…


4 tomatoes
Oregano sprigs (leaves only)
Basil springs (leaves only)
Half shallot
2 cloves garlic
Olive oil
Salt and pepper

1. Cut up all your stuff! I didn’t use a garlic pres, just smoosh it a little. It blends in the blender! Pro tip: Use less seeds for the tomatoes, and mostly just the fruit part.
2. Saute all ingredients in a pan with a little olive oil. When tomatoes are soft and it starts to smell UBER delicious, take it off the heat and put it into a blender or food processor.IMG00304-20130608-1822

This is where I ran into a problem, y’all. In this house, we have two blenders, and only one base. But I didn’t KNOW we had a second blender until the other one started leaking out the bottom because it
a. wasn’t the right one for the base and
b. was too loosely screwed on on the bottom.

Sigh. It was dramatic.



3. It’s so easy, I just suck. Serve while hot!

I put mine in the fridge for later, sent some with the boys. I accidentally sent them too much though, so when I served myself the next night, it turned out like this:


If you like spicy, I like it with more garlic and basil. They both set each other off really well! Don’t forget to salt it, to bring out all the flavors, as well!