Lunch Packing for Amateurs – Adult Version


Lunch Packing for Amateurs - Adults | SkinnyCookProblems

Fun Fact: I bought my lunch from 3rd-12th grade.

Reason? Hot food. I don’t really do sandwiches because sliced bread has never been my gig (see bio). Sort of because crust and also because it gets gummy and stuck to the backs of my teeth and I hate hate hate that.

Anywayz. J is starting work at the hospital, where he’s got 10-15 minute breaks in which to eat (I’d die if I worked there. I eat so slowly). So our first week of work attempting to bring our lunches has turned out like this:

1. Buy some adorable Rubbermaid stackable tupperware containers. They’ve even got an ice pack for the middle. I put mine in the fridge when I get to work, so I leave them with him so he always has a frozen one on hand.

2. Buy the corresponding lunchbox. We have two of the same lunchboxes now. Justin colored green places on his with a Sharpie. It looks natural.

3. Figure out what kinds of foods fit in these little containers.


I will eat potato bread, and we got some lunch meat from the REAL deli section (first timer for J, it was a big deal…he’s sold.).

But the most adorable thing happened!

On Tuesday, he had to go to work at 6:30am. Which meant he woke up at FOUR THIRTY. I told a friend that today, and he said, “anything starting with a 4 is nighttime”. I concur. But I woke up with the alarm as well, and was alarmingly energized.

I made him lunch to be a nice wife. 🙂 His new deli buffalo chicken and provolone sandwich went in the big box, and grapes went in the medium box. I didn’t pack the two baby ones.

At my work, we have a free-for-all snack system, where they stock the kitchen every month or so with lots of different things. They’ve tried to start bringing healthy options, and they even have those Special K Protein Shakes (I had one…meh.). Justin loves Clif bars but we buy those by the box. There are other granola and health bars at work so instead of snacking, I’ll stash them and bring a couple home everyday. (It keeps me from snacking, so that’s good!)

This is the assortment we’ve got at home right now:
Lunch Packing for Amateurs - Adults | SkinnyCookProblems

I send two in his lunch because he’s a hungry dude. The biggest benefit to this whole gig is that Justin is one of the least picky people I’ve ever met. and he’s not allergic to anything. and he just eats. So. You really can’t go wrong with the whole lunch thing.

Here are the items we’ve packed so far:

  • sandwich (obvi)
  • wrap (edgy)
  • grapes
  • yogurt (in its own container)

Here are some items we have thought about packing for easy eating in the baby (1/4 or so) boxes:

  • baby carrots
  • peanuts
  • raisins
  • salad dressing/syrup/sauce
  • desserty things, eg. chocolate chips
  • berry fruits
  • toppings for yogurt (eg. granola)
  • peanut butter (for dipping)


Adults: what do you pack in your own lunch for work?

What do you recommend bringing in your lunch to help get you through the day? We need more ideas!