HOW TO: The Perfect Charcuterie Board!

#48: Forgetting something when you’re emotional… #SCP

Just don’t. Basically, every time I plan a date, something goes wrong. This was something small: Forgot the cutting board for the picnic. For me, it was the end of the world. I threw a teeny pity party. Then the squirrels tried to eat our food, and there were tons of mosquitoes that raided our picnic. Luckily, we had enough food for lunch the next day, plus I have the most caring, wonderful husband ever, and he encouraged me and was super patient for lunch while I took pictures to somehow attempt and make up for the failure of the day before.

Also, sorry for falling of the face of the planet. I have to be in the “mood” to blog…ya feel me?

The secret to the perfect charcuterie assortment: LIKE EVERYTHING YOU PICK! Honestly. Don’t get something because you’re “supposed to” if you think it’s yucky (eg me and goat/moldy cheeses). I went to this hidden Tulsa gem LaDonna’s Fancy Foods, where they have a HUGE assortment of cheese. They let me sample ones that were already open to see which ones I wanted. And she sat with me for AWHILE.
The Perfect Charcuterie Board | SkinnyCookProblems

That day I was also coming back from the farmer’s market, where I scored some pretty tomatoes and raw milk cheddar.
The Perfect Charcuterie Board | SkinnyCookProblems

People advise three different types of cheese. I just love cheese, so I was down. Cheddar counted as our semi-soft, so now we were looking for a blue cheese, goat cheese, hard cheese and/or soft cheese options.

Like I mentioned before, I don’t DO goat/blue cheese, so soft and hard it is!
We ended up with Saint Angel for our soft cheese, a Brie-style cheese with a little bit of a stronger flavor. This was great with apples and proscuitto.
The Perfect Charcuterie Board | SkinnyCookProblems
Our hard cheese was our top favorite, it was called Point Reyes Toma. This was similar to a gruyere or parmesan, high in salt. It’s hard to describe, but it was delicious and mild. Best with Coppa.
The Perfect Charcuterie Board | SkinnyCookProblems

And of course, the cheddar went stellar with the salami. Those baskets that people get at Christmas KNOW WHAT’S UP.
The Perfect Charcuterie Board | SkinnyCookProblems

We grabbed a pre-packaged assortment of salami, peppered salami, proscuitto and coppa. Let’s talk about this: I love Coppa. It’s probably the closest I’ve found to an Iberian ham that I fell in love with in Spain.
Easy enough.

Made little toast rounds from bake and take baguettes. Small problem: no pastry brush. No problem, fashioned one ourselves with a leftover spatula (don’t worry, we have 50), and some kitchen scissors. It wasn’t great, but definitely got the job done.
The Perfect Charcuterie Board | SkinnyCookProblems

Also bought some flatbread crackers that MUST have had addictive qualities because I could eat them for days. Lightly sesamed, they tasted minorly like matzah. This was my favorite.

Fruits go great with cheese (DUH, wine and cheese, anyone?)

Olives (J man loves these and I don’t touch them…so they got to tag along)

We made a caprese salad with basil, fresh buffalo mozz, tomatoes and garlic (no oil).
Balsamic glaze accompanied it!
The Perfect Charcuterie Board | SkinnyCookProblems
The Perfect Charcuterie Board | SkinnyCookProblems

We brought sparkling grape instead of wine, although a nice light prosecco would do very nicely here. We just are still recovering from a poor champagne experience. HA! The fizz cuts the salt nicely and cleans the palate for the next bite!


Now you just put it all together, either in a picnic fashion where you eat out of all the containers:
The Perfect Charcuterie Board | SkinnyCookProblems

The Perfect Charcuterie Board | SkinnyCookProblems

Here’s a labeled picture, for your viewing pleasure:
The Perfect Charcuterie Board | SkinnyCookProblems

This is a bit of a pricey endeavor, but you can get a good, full two go rounds at this with the amount of food you have. It was fun to make at home and pick out the best combinations! You also get WAY more food this way than a meat and cheese board at a restaurant!