Blackberry Vanilla Bourbon

#66: Blackberry juice looks like blood… #SCP

Well, it’s not for drinking, but we sure do have big plans for these few drops we made today. Get excited!

Blackberry Vanilla Bourbon | SkinnyCookProblemsAnd why do we have this ADORABLE teeny bottle of bourbon, you ask?
…We stole it. Don’t tell anyone? Great.
See…our university’s Alumni Association had a Derby-Themed fundraiser and these bottles were sprinkled around…They were for taking, right? Hopefully. We aren’t really bourbon drinkers…but this has been sitting in our freezer for such an opportunity (plus, it was too cute to throw out).

Would it be too much of a hint if I told you that when we visited Oklahoma City we visited The Paramount, a coffee and wine bar downtown, and had the most delicious buttermilk pie with blackberry bourbon in it? The pie, for proper credit, was created by a company named Pie Junkie. We need to know if they do shipments.

At any rate, we also need to slowly decrease our quantity of vanilla beans.

Quantity: Makes about…3 tablespoons?

4 blackberries
~20mL (about 1 Euro shot) of Kentucky Bourbon
1/2 vanilla bean

1. Wash blackberries, leave a bit of water in the bottom of the small microwave safe bowl. I used a ramekin.

2. Microwave the blackberries for 20 seconds. This will burst them and allow the juice to escape! Discard berry parts. I made two at a time because at the end I decided we needed more blackberry taste.
Blackberry Vanilla Bourbon | SkinnyCookProblems

3. Slice a vanilla bean down the middle, and scrape half of the pod. Mix into your juice. Chop the bean pod itself so that it will fit in the container. Submerge beans.

4. Add in bourbon. Stir all to incorporate.
Blackberry Vanilla Bourbon | SkinnyCookProblems

5. Let sit! I’m letting it sit out on the kitchen counter, so the flavors get a chance to meld! At first taste, the bourbon is pretty strong, but is finished with a nice vanilla note at the end.

What would you make with this recipe??