Chicken Cordon Bleu + Cheesy Wine Sauce

#69: Left the chicken out too long… #SCP

Earlier this weekend, I ‘Grammed the meal plan for the week, and today was going to kick off Around the World Week with some dakgalbi.

I had bought the chicken last week, so it was in the freezer. I pulled it out to defrost on Saturday so I could cut it up and go ahead and marinate it…I picked Justin up from the airport that afternoon, and we went out to dinner. I didn’t go back into the kitchen. So…Sunday morning I found the chicken in the sink… womp womp.

Sunday after church, we ran by the store, because I also forgot to buy spaghetti noodles for later this week. I figured we’d pick up some more chicken. We left without it. It hit me when we pulled back into the parking lot of the apartment. “CHICKEN THIGHS!” But it turns out, we had made plans for Friday and I had forgotten about them. It all ends up working out somehow!

This chicken I bought from Koehn’s Grassfed, out of Adair, OK. It was a little pricey, I can get chicken at Sprouts for about 1/4 of the price. But I love supporting them, and they’ve got great tasting food.

Instead, today is France. Enjoy.

Serves: 2

2 chicken breasts, pounded thin2 slices prosciutto
2 slices baby swiss cheese (from the deli)
2 eggs, beaten
1 C. panko bread crumbs
2 t. Italian Seasoning
1T butter
2T oil (any kind)
2 t. flour
1/4 C. cooking wine
3/4 C. milk
1/2 C. grated cheese, (eg: Parmesan, hard cheddar)
Few shakes of garlic powder & onion powder

1. Prepare panko and Italian seasoning in a shallow dish for dipping, and the eggs in another dish.

2. Layer prosciutto and cheese on top of chicken breast. Roll the chicken up in half, securing with some toothpicks.

3. Dip chicken in egg mixture and bread crumbs until adequately coated.

4. Bake chicken in an oiled glass dish at 375 degrees until cooked through.
Chicken Cordon Bleu | SkinnyCookProblems

5. Prepare sauce: 1T. butter, 2t flour to form a roux. Gradually add 1/4 C. cooking wine & 3/4 C. milk. Simmer until thickened.

6. Add in grated cheese of your choice & stir in garlic and onion powder.

Serve with haricot verts (green beans) and bread!

Chicken Cordon Bleu | SkinnyCookProblemsEnjoy!