Ahi Tuna with Peanut Noodles

#70: We broke the sink. #SCP

The next place we live, the kitchen is going to be a deal breaker. We have already gotten so much use out of our dishes, knifes, etc. that we received at our wedding. Our kitchen sink in the apartment constantly drips and it’s only minorly insanely annoying. We tend to turn it pretty tightly to stop the dripping. But sometimes it’s stubborn when it wants to turn again. Yesterday…We thought it was going to be one of those times, when in fact…we were turning it the wrong direction. So it broke. SHHHHH! Don’t tell. We’re going to replace both of the faucet tops today and hopefully nobody will notice…

Yeah, but dinner was good.

1 lb. ahi tuna steak, cut in half
Thai rice noodles
Sugar snap peas
Salt & Pepper

Peanut Sauce:
Peanut butter (we homemade ours, it mixes better)
Coconut milk
Lime juice
Curry Paste
Soy Sauce
Sriracha sauce

1. Okay, so I don’t have a good recipe for the sauce, I was winging it. The amount multiplies because the coconut milk soaks in, so less is more! Start out with a scoop of peanut butter and add in milk until a bit thinner. Soy sauce and lime juice will also thin it slightly. I used about a 1/2 t. of curry paste and sriracha each for about a half-pint jar of sauce. Combine till you get a combo you like!

2. Soak the rice noodles according to package (30 min). Bring water to a boil, snap peas and grated carrots can be boiled for a few minutes. Add the noodles and cook for 5 minutes. Drain and mix with sauce.

3. Season tuna on both sides with salt and pepper. Sear tuna on each side for 1 1/2 minutes in an oiled skillet.

4. Serve immediately!! YUMM. Garnish options: green onions, peanuts & lime wedges (we had none of these).

Ahi Tuna & Peanut Noodles | SkinnyCookProblems