Overnight Oats!

We’ve been making this for a few weeks now. I first tried them for breakfast and then Justin needed a better and cheapter alternative to taking Clif bars in his lunch.

I found 12 half pint mason jars at Wally World for under $10. Sunday nights, I make 4 of them for my honey’s lunch.

I’ve thought about blogging these many times…but have never gotten around to it until now. So there are a lot of random pictures for you to enjoy! We are beginning the Daniel Fast with our church next Sunday, so I can predict we’ll be eating a lot of this pretty soon.

Basic Recipe (for half pint jars)
1/4 C. old fashioned oats
heaping tablespoon (on a big eating table spoon) of Greek yogurt
1/4 C. almond milk + a bit more
1/2 t. chia seeds
1/2 t. flax meal
1/2 t. pea protein powder

Shake all ingredients up together and store overnight. Add in fresh fruit on the top in the morning!

Variations we’ve tried:
Pomegranate seeds + cinnamon + chocolate chips + candied almonds
Blackberries + peach yogurt + honey
Raspberries + vanilla yogurt
Strawberries + vanilla yogurt + maple syrup + cinnamon

What do you like to put in your oatmeal?
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Overnight Oats | SkinnyCookProblemsOvernight Oats | SkinnyCookProblemsOvernight Oats | SkinnyCookProblemsEnjoy!