Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate Oatmeal Muffins.

#3: Neglecting chocolate for way too long. #SCP So, as you may have read, I was kind of iffy about this here chocolate oatmeal. I also don’t like it when Mama Boo puts… Continue reading

Honey Garlic Pork Tenderloin

#27: Making extra, and then having a TON of leftovers. This is the opposite of #45. I am honestly the worst guesstimator ever. In a lot of ways. My biggest weakness is “number… Continue reading

Chicken Pot Pie

#82: Buying kitchen things, and then finding them already in the kitchen. #SCP I got these baby pie pans: and found these: Holy geez, did I just make my first casserole? Basically. Best… Continue reading

Lavish Dark Chocolate Oatmeal Review

#10: Believing the package that it comes in. #SCP This is a picture of the packaging of this treat:   It’s got oatmeal and flax and chocolate. Great, right?! I made it tonight… Continue reading

Lean Cuisine Pot Stickers Review

#2: Always wanting Asian food, with too high of expectations. #SCP These looked delicious. More or less healthy for you, not too bad. The half-potsticker is kind of suspicious… The potstickers themselves were… Continue reading

$80 later…

Didn’t have any idea what I was going to eat this week, and went to Wally World. I think it’s a terrible idea to go when you’re hungry and don’t have a list.… Continue reading

Pie Crust + Mini Pies!

#45: Having extra of an ingredient, so making something else for it, and then running out of the original ingredient and somehow NEVER HAVING ENOUGH. #SCP I am going out of town this… Continue reading

very hungry caterpillar hillary

#15. Everything I drove by on the way home from work sounded delicious. Even Burger King. #SCP I am always hungry. But really. Today was a low-key night, just made a couple burritos… Continue reading

Baby Quiches!

#7: Losing my student ID so I can’t go to the gym. #SCP So. That’s a thing. I remember seeing it on Friday and thinking, “Oh, I’ll forget to put that back in… Continue reading

Chicken Parm + Spaghetti

#100: Almost burning down the house. #EnormousSCP So…This is extremely embarrassing, but my housemate already lovingly posted it on my Facebook wall for everyone in my life to see, so I figured I… Continue reading

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