Pesto Salmon

#22: I can’t see far enough to be able to watch Wheel of Fortune while I’m on the treadmill. #SCP Hi friends, I’m back from the dead! (read: I’ve been lazy and also… Continue reading

Lemon Noodles

#71: Thinking I bought a lot of things at the store and still wondering what I am going to eat this week. #SCP One time, my friends wrote me a song, in which… Continue reading

Light Lemon Cream Noodles

#31: Fat Free Sour Cream. No matter how else you substitute, DO NOT SUBSTITUTE FOR THIS. #SERIOUSSCP Tonight’s dinner would have been fabulous if not for one ingredient (read above). It’s worth posting… Continue reading

Brown Sugar Teriyaki Chicken

#43: Thinking you’re eating healthy and apparently you aren’t. #SCP I’ve got bad news and good news. This is the bad news: Bye bye shrimp. This is the good news: Great,… Continue reading

In other news:

#14: When 13 people you don’t even know repin your food, and it’s the proudest moment of your life. #SCP BEST DAY EVER.

Sesame Ginger Salmon + Ginger-Glazed Carrots

#77:  Realizing it’s Saturday and you have no idea what you are going to eat next week. #SCP I woke up today and thought this. Sigh. Drawing board tomorrow! This marinade is seriously… Continue reading

Light Shrimp Scampi + Noodles

#4: Two words: Portion. Control. #SCP I’m glad I only made half the noodles I thought I was going to make…It would have ended up like this: the other night when I ate… Continue reading

Chicken + Peanut Sauce

#81: Feeling guilty for not eating anything with spinach in it today. #SCP I am finally rid of that dang bag of spinach. #55: Feeling guilty for being so excited about dinner that… Continue reading

Night Off!

#12: Every website recommends losing weight to lower your cholesterol. #SCP #42: When I got in the shower tonight, it smelled like garlic. I have garlic oozing out my pores. #SCP Double Problems… Continue reading

Spinach + Ricotta Mini Pizzas

#21: You even doubt for a second if what you are making will taste good. #SCP I saw these on Pinterest, here: Thanks, Martha! My housemate and I just had these, with… Continue reading

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