Blackberry Vanilla Bourbon

#66: Blackberry juice looks like blood… #SCP Well, it’s not for drinking, but we sure do have big plans for these few drops we made today. Get excited! And why do we have… Continue reading

Spinach and Artichoke Dip Pasta

#65: Marinated artichoke hearts. #SCP My dear friend and former teacher Amy sent me this recipe from Smitten Kitchen right after we had received a pasta roller at a wedding shower. It’s taken… Continue reading

Mac 3: GLUTEN FREE! Roasted Garlic & 4-Cheese Mac

#61: You committed to gluten-free to a really complicated recipe. #SCP This wasn’t just a “solve with rice noodle” situation. This was a roux and breadcrumbs problem… But it turned out pretty good!… Continue reading

Mac 2: Greek Yogurt Mac

#59: Realizing you could have made some sort of joke or pun out of #MacWeek when it’s halfway over. #SCP You know, like, Mach 2, Mach 3? Like…Flight speed, right? Right?? Ugh, maybe… Continue reading

Mac 1: Creamy Cheddar Mac

#58: Literally so beyond full. #SCP Today I tried Overnight Oats for the first time (recipe to come!). It made me so full that after eating it at 8, I couldn’t bring myself… Continue reading

Welcome to #MacWeek!

This week, my dear husband is in Africa. And for whatever reason, I decided this was a good week to eat my weight in pasta. It’s Macaroni and Cheese Week, y’all. Not that… Continue reading

Cucumber Tea Sandwiches + Dill Spread

#57 : Well I’m allergic to health foods. #SCP Real Talk: Oral-Allergy Syndrome…I have this. I haven’t been tested, but I know. Certain raw fruits, veggies and nuts make my mouth terribly uncomfortable… Continue reading

Mushroom Risotto + Asparagus

#56 : I’m so out of shape. #SCP I don’t even remember why I chose this as my SCP five days ago…But it’s true, so I’ll leave it. We made risotto for the… Continue reading

Korean Skirt Steak

#53: Oil splatter. #SCP It always hurts, guys. Justin came home with a skirt steak. And so we made it with kalbi marinade…It was delicious. PLUS, J got me a Korean rice cooker… Continue reading

Biscuit Donuts with Vanilla Bean Glaze

#52: winging new things… #SCP I’m all about that semi-homemade business, and this glaze was just enough to put these buddies right over the top of DELICIOUS. We started a dinner club with… Continue reading

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