Shrimp and Cheese Ravioli

#51: Not being able to use my own blog for reference because I forgot links for things… #SCP I think some things are easy to find so I don’t bother linking them. I’m… Continue reading

HOW TO: The Perfect Charcuterie Board!

#48: Forgetting something when you’re emotional… #SCP Just don’t. Basically, every time I plan a date, something goes wrong. This was something small: Forgot the cutting board for the picnic. For me, it… Continue reading

Mandu: Korean Pork Dumplings

#46: Finally figuring out that signature Korean smell after 22 years. #SCP #47: “Generously sprinkle” still says SPRINKLE. #SCP This one is a double-header. So I’m sitting there, having just cut a cabbage… Continue reading

Caprese Crepes

#40: Promising a post but being waaay too lazy. #SCP Sorry… The secret to these great crepes are ceramic pans!!! No oil needed! These were light, a little sweet, and really easy! They… Continue reading

Chicken Apricot Paninis

#39: Buying local, fresh bread can sometimes mean holes. #SCP By holes, I mean HOLES. Huge yeast bubbles in the loaf we bought, it was kind of crazy! We ended up using most… Continue reading

Semi-Homemade Tomato Cream Pasta

#38: Apparently you’re supposed to look underneath all the burners before you turn them on. #SCP I found this bottlecap when it started burning. In attempt to get rid of some of the… Continue reading

We’re on Twitter!!

Follow us! In our third year, I guess it’s time. I’ll be releasing some old recipes via Twitter in between the new posts, so keep an eye out for some fan favorites. If… Continue reading

Apricot Ginger Chicken

#37: Not having the recipe handy when blogging. #SCP This week, I’m on a business trip, but I’m too new to have anything to do when we arrive at the office. I figured… Continue reading

Lunch Packing for Amateurs – Adult Version

  Fun Fact: I bought my lunch from 3rd-12th grade. Reason? Hot food. I don’t really do sandwiches because sliced bread has never been my gig (see bio). Sort of because crust and… Continue reading

Roasted Garlic Potato Soup

#36: We don’t know how to estimate a half pound of potatoes. #SCP. We actually found this recipe in the Cuisinart instruction manual for our immersion hand blender! We edited the quantities because… Continue reading

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