Teriyaki Salmon and Fried Rice

We ate these things. They were tasty. That is all. I’m sorry it’s not pretty or dramatic. We used these two recipes and followed them, so there’s not much to write home about.… Continue reading

Pasta Wednesday: Spinach Parmesan Ravioli in Wine Sauce

#9 (again): Forgetting to take pictures. #SCP Some problems are recurring, ya know?

Fresh Homemade Pasta

#30: We weren’t sure how long it was going to take, so we started dinner at 2:30pm. #SCP Yeah so that happened. But it went well! We followed the recipe from Cooking Channel.… Continue reading

Dakgalbi (Korean Spicy Chicken) for picky people

#29: I still don’t like things that are healthy for me. #SCP. We made this over spring break and it was DELICIOUS because it had everything I liked and nothing I didn’t. What… Continue reading

Homemade Twix Bites

#28: I’ve eaten way too many of these, in every stage of preparation. #SCP. We’re back this week! It’s spring break, and so we’ve got a lot of cooking in our future, including:… Continue reading


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Real Talk

I have a list of things to upload from last summer still. Confession: I don’t even know if I have the recipes for some of them anymore…

Cake Pops: Holiday Edition

#28: Two Words: Cookie Scooper. #SCWIN Justin is here at home with me for Thanksgiving break. So, lucky him, he’s gotten to make lots of things, including crafts and cake balls with me.… Continue reading

Italian Herb Bread

#25: WHAT DO I DO WITH ALL THESE (H)ERBS? #SCP What better thing to do on your lunch break than food blog? SCP Explained: Justin pronounces the “h” in “herb”. Just because. So,… Continue reading


I should have brought my computer on this trip with me, so much blogging could have been done. I downloaded an app to try and do it on my phone, which I’m writing… Continue reading

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